Consider for a moment our global history and what artists have contributed to our human legacy. One moment in time captured by an artist, so that we may learn more about who and what we are, what we have accomplished and all that we have yet to learn.

The life of every man, woman and child is made richer because of human creativity. Our desire to communicate with each other has spurred us to invent, imagine and amuse. In our earliest form we did this through cave paintings, stories, song and dance. We improved upon our simple existence with architecture to protect us from the unknown and music to sooth our racing minds. We expressed our love for each other and fear of ourselves through paintings and sculpture. We challenged ourselves to explore the globe, and later our solar system, and artists designed our flags, vessels, clothing, sun dials and computer interfaces.

Every example of success and progress, every important human achievement and every amazing artifact and piece of evidence of our existence is in the form of art. We are defined by the physical manifestations of human creative expression, our bravery and willingness to adventure into the unknown, not by our fears and failures.

We must be ferocious and unwavering in our support of arts and culture.